FootHold Research Team

  • Prof Hylton B Menz, La Trobe University (link)
  • Dr Martin Spink, University of Newcastle (link)
  • Prof Stephen Lord, Neuroscience Research Australia (link)
  • Prof Keith Hill, Curtin University (link)
  • A/Prof Karl Landorf, La Trobe University (link)
  • Dr Mohammadreza Fotoohabadi, La Trobe University
  • Ms Elin Wee, La Trobe University

FootHold DVD

  • Original concept and design: Dr Martin Spink, Ms Elin Wee
  • Video and stills: Tony Menz Photography
  • Model: Ron Menz
  • Voice-over artist: Sue McLachlan (link)
  • DVD artwork / design: Basil Pardo, La Trobe University


  • The randomised controlled trial upon which FootHold is based was funded by a National Health and Medical Research Council Project Grant
  • The production of the FootHold DVD was funded as part of Prof Hylton Menz's National Health and Medical Research Council Senior Research Fellowship